Castles in the Sand

When the waters rise, will our castles remain?

If you glance through the posts on this site, you’ll see glimpses into my life over the past decade since I graduated college. They’ve been sporadic, with huge lapses at times (including recently), as I’ve let it fall by the wayside. However, I’ve been challenged to begin writing more consistently, and that is my goal.

Although this is an “About” page, I don’t really want to go too in-depth about myself, because it really doesn’t matter. My goal for this site is to offer something of value. Not necessarily great value, and not necessarily value to everyone. But my hope is that with each post, at least one person will be able to glean something they deem useful. In order to accomplish that, it doesn’t matter if you know everything about the writer. Some of my posts will be fairly frivolous, while others will try to tackle some more difficult subjects.

However, in a few sentences, here’s me: I’ve lived my entire life in the Pacific Northwest. I love Jesus, my family, friends, and Disney and often tie Disney and “Mean Girls” references (both the classic movie and amazing stage musical) into every inappropriate moment in life. It’s pretty grool.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out my site.

Tyler Scott

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