Castles in the Sand

When the waters rise, will our castles remain?

*NOTE* This is part one of a three-part story from last week. Part one focuses on the background for my nightmare trip to Redding, part two focuses on the actual experience and part three looks at the deeper meaning and how it relates to my past.

Sometimes repairing past mistakes comes with a big cost.

Now that you’ve been sufficiently sucked in by the grand philosophical open, I can admit that such a statement has never been so literally true for me as it was this past Tuesday.

One of my great regrets in life (which says either that I’ve had a pretty successful life or I’m just blindly unaware of much greater regret-worthy transgressions) took place in New York City during the week of Thanksgiving 2002.

There to perform in the annual Macy’s Parade, all the members of my high school marching band had the opportunity to attend one of four Broadway musicals. The options, as have been pieced back together by the memories of me and my beloved big sister Frank, were Beauty and the Beast, Phantom of the Opera, 42nd Street, and a fourth that I affectionately like to refer to as the mystery musical. That pretty much means neither of us can remember which musical it was.

She went to 42nd Street and wishes she’d gone to Phantom of the Opera. I don’t even remember ever choosing which I wanted to attend because I didn’t care or give it any thought. Inevitably I ended up at the aforementioned mystery musical and promptly slept through it.

It wasn’t until a few months back that I even realized/remembered that I had other options. More importantly, it wasn’t until my mom professed to me that she attended Beauty and the Beast “because that was the one with all the tickets left – none of the kids wanted to see it,” that I was made aware of one of my life’s greatest regrets.

Flashing forward more than 10 years, I have since discovered that Beauty and the Beast is my all-time favorite Disney movie and one of my favorite movies in general. With the musical no longer playing on Broadway I had forever missed my opportunity to see the one Broadway musical I longed to see most (until I discovered Les Miserables a few months ago, that is).

But alas, a ray of hope! A traveling Broadway production of the musical was scheduled to come through Redding (only two hours away!) for one night only – March 5, 2013! This was my chance to right the wrong, and I had to take it!

While I asked if any friends wanted to join me, none seemed interested in rushing out of work to drive to Redding and pay a lot of money to see a show and then promptly drive home late at night to go back to work the next morning… I know, I can’t understand it either.

And so after some deliberation over whether the spendy ticket prices (plus gas!) would be worthwhile, I decided that this might be my last chance to ever see a professional production of my favorite Disney musical. So I purchased my ticket, climbed in my car and ventured south for an adventure I never expected.

After all these years, I was finally making up for a past mistake the best way I could. I will likely never get a chance to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, but my face was glowing with excitement as I made my way to Redding. Sure I was paying a lot of money for this opportunity, but sometimes repairing past mistakes comes with a big cost.

To be continued…

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