Castles in the Sand

When the waters rise, will our castles remain?

What I found was a complex story about struggle, disappointment, pain, love and hope. I have no idea if that revealed to me the heart of a woman, but it revealed something about my own heart.


So this weekend became the time for solidarity. I know it was a big step for my mom just to remove her wig and reveal her bald head to me – in a lot of ways it’s a sign of a vulnerability she’s never faced. But through it all she stayed strong and we had a lot of fun through the process. We even had a chance to relive some of her most infamous hair cutting experiences from my past, which we “affectionately” refer to as “Oops” moments in honor of the word she would exclaim when accidentally hacking off an unintended section of hair in previous haircuts. Let’s just say there were some times I wore hats to school for a while.